1. I am trying to book and I get a message saying that the number of people does not fit in any of the available rooms. What does this mean?

The maximum capacity of a room is 4 people, these can be 2 adults and 2 children under 12 or 3 adults and a child under 12 years. If the reservation system sends you this message, please add more rooms to your reservation and distribute the number of people selected among them.


  1. How can I know if the rate offered by the website has the Best Rate Guarantee?

The rate shown on our website is the lowest you can find on the selected dates. Otherwise, we will give you 25%. For more information, see the policies of this guarantee in the section.


  1. I found a lower rate at a travel agency, reservation center or other third-party website. How can I claim my 25% discount?


Check to be sure that the rates you are comparing are for the same room, hotel, dates, number of guests, currency and that they have the same reservation, modification and cancellation policies. The guarantee does not apply when the room rate is part of a special promotion or vacation package. Rates must be public rates and for hotel accommodations only.


In order for the guarantee to be applied, you must have previously made a reservation on the Posadas website in order to prove and compare the lower rate found from another outlet. You must copy the images where the lower rate was found if it was seen on another website. Grupo Posadas is not responsible for the cancellation or modification policies of other sites. If you make a reservation on another site and your guarantee is not approved, Posadas is not responsible for any cancellation charges or reimbursements that may be due from the other site.


Once the steps before are completed please send an email to, and in 24 hours one of our agents will contact you to track your case.


Remember that you must send your claim within 24 hours after making and confirming a reservation on our Grupo Posadas Website, as long as this is 48 hours before the scheduled arrival. Reservations that have been subject to changes or cancellations are not included.


This guarantee does not apply to "opaque" websites (sites that don't show the hotel name until after confirmation or payment) such as,, etc.



  1. I have finished the reservation process, what should I do now?

From the moment your confirmation number is displayed on your screen and sent to you by email, you can be sure that your reservation is already registered in our system. We suggest for you to save your reservation information for your personal control.


  1. My travel plans have changed. How can I cancel or modify my reservation online?

In the section ¨Check Your Booking¨ you can make the movements you require, based on the modifications and cancellation policies that you have been granted.


  1. Can I make a reservation if I do not have a credit card?

Usually it is possible, the page offers the option to block a room for 24 hours and then finish the process by entering a credit card number. In case you do not have a credit card you can validate with our Central Reservations to take a room with a time limit. This is a period of time that is granted so you can guarantee your reservation through a deposit or a bank transfer.


  1. What is the minimum age to check in?

To take a room under your name you must be legally an adult. That is 18 years or older.


  1. When making my reservation I have been asked personal information. How are you going to use it?

The information that you provide us, will only be used to guarantee and register your reservation, or to be able to contact you in case of an unforeseen event. If you choose to receive our newsletter, we will use your information to periodically send you promotions and / or articles of interest by email. You may request to stop receiving this newsletter at any time you wish.



  1. Is it safe to provide my card number when booking?

Yes, the data provided on our site travels and is stored on our server through an encrypted connection. This means that it is inaccessible from the Internet and that no one can intercept the transmitted information.


  1. Will the charge to my credit card be made when confirming the reservation?

The card that you enter when making the reservation is only a guarantee and the payment has to be made directly in the hotel.


  1. Can I be charged for the room rent to the card I left as a guarantee?

Due to the law of protection and management of confidential information, only the charge for penalties is allowed. Any additional charges must be made directly at the hotel or through a deposit.


  1. Why did the hotel charge my card before my arrival?

On some occasions hotels may pre-authorize your card. However, it is not a charge. When you book through our reservations channels the payment is directly at the hotel.


  1. What payment methods does the hotel accept?

Credit or debit cards, cash, deposit or bank transfers.




  1. I'm not sure if they have a hotel in the destination I'm traveling to. Where can I find it?

In the tab called destinations you can check by city which hotels do we have in the selected destination.


  1. How can I know the hotel´s location?

By selecting a specific hotel you will able to find this information below the property's picture, likewise you can see a map.


  1. Where can I find the telephone number and fax number of a hotel?

When selecting a specific hotel you will find all the information related to it, there you will find the hotel's telephone and fax number.


  1. What kind of information and services can I get from your online Help?

Our executives can guide you with any questions you have about this website, reservations, information about our hotels and can help you book.


  1. I'm trying to get one on one help online but nothing comes up. I am doing something wrong?

Verify that your Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc.) is not blocking pop-ups. If this is the case, disable this function momentarily.


  1. How can I sign up for the Fiesta Rewards program?

On the main page of the portal click on the Fiesta Rewards tab or enter on your browser, there you will find the necessary information to register.


  1. Is it possible to check my Fiesta Rewards points online?

Yes, on the page you will find complete information about our rewards program and how to use of your points.


  1. Is it possible to make reservations with a corporate rate on your site?

Yes, in the main page in the lower part you will find a list called Site Usage Agreement, in the Corporate Travel section, please, click on it to make a reservation.



  1. Do I have to make dinner reservation prior arrival?

It is not necessary, as the concept of restaurants is first in come - first service. Only some of our specialty restaurants require reservations. However, the concierge department directly at the hotel can help you make reservations upon arrival.


  1. What is included in the all-inclusive package?

It includes the rent of the room, taxes, food, drinks, room service, products in the mine bar and tips. What is not included is: spa, motorized activities, premium food or drinks.


  1. Is the hotel pet friendly?

Our hotels do not accept pets. Only guide dogs with the documentation that accredits them as such and their respective harness.


  1. Do you have corporative rates?

For this kind of rates we have two types of agreements:

Corporate Agreement: It is necessary to have a production of 200 nights, divided into at least 10 hotels. The agreement is nationwide for all properties and is carried through an account executive.

Local Agreement: It is necessary to have a production of 10 nights at the hotel of your choice. You have to negotiate an agreement for each hotel where you require this preferential rates and all the negotiation is directly with the hotel's sales department.



  1. How can I get my invoice?

To request your invoice you can provide your information directly at the hotel or send the following information to the email

  • Name of the hotel
  • Name of the guest
  • Dates

Also, if you need the name of a company to be reflected on the invoice, please provide it.


  1. If my reservation was made through a third party agency can the hotel give an invoice?

If the payment was made directly at the hotel we can send you the invoice. In order to do it, we request the following information.

  • Name of the hotel
  • Name of the guest
  • Dates

Also, if you need the name of a company to be reflected on the invoice, please provide it.


  1. Can I get an invoice for a penalty?

Yes, in order to do it, we request the following information.

  • Name of the hotel
  • Name of the guest
  • Dates

Also, if you need the name of a company to be reflected on the invoice, please provide it.


  1. When can I request my invoice?

Since the hotel issues invoices for service rendered, it can be emitted once the guest has made the checkout or has had any other service. To request your invoice you can provide your information directly at the hotel or send the following information to the email

  • Name of the hotel
  • Name of the guest
  • Dates

Also, if you need the name of a company to be reflected on the invoice, please provide it.