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Restaurante Los Portales

Our Los Portales Restaurant, renowned as the city's premier dining destination, offers a wide selection of regional, national, and international dishes. Come and savor Durango's cuisine during breakfast, where you can enjoy our à la carte specialties like "huevos a caballo" (eggs served atop a delicious steak). For lunch and dinner, we recommend trying Durango's most typical dishes: Caldillo Durangueño, Tampiqueña, Puntas de Filete al Albañil, or indulge in a large steak cooked to perfection to retain its juices. Our menu is extensive and caters to your desires each day; you'll love dining at Los Portales and enjoying the pleasant ambiance.

Hours of Operation

Lunes A Sabado 7:00 Am - 11:00 Pm

Domingos 8:00 Am - 10:30 Pm


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