Grupo Posadas S.A.B de C.V. operator of the hotels Live Aqua, Grand Fiesta Americana, Fiesta Americana, IOH, Fiesta Inn, One, Gamma, The Explorean y Fiesta Americana Vacation Club, alerts our customers of the existence of transmitted communications via web sites, WhatsApp or e-mail, possibly fraudulent, offering lodging and/or social events, that are not emitted by us.

The alleged fraudsters use scamming mechanisms supplanting the identity of Grupo Posadas collaborators requesting deposits and providing bank accounts that do not belong to the company.

It is important to make notice to our clients the following:

  • With the exception of a request stated by our clients, by which they require to guarantee or pay for a reservation via deposit or bank transfer; Grupo Posadas does not request in advance any type of payment, nor bank account information.
  • We do not receive deposits of bank transfers via convenience stores (Oxxo, pharmacies, etc.) Only in case the client wishes to prepay their stay, do we provide information for bank transfers or traditional bank accounts to which the prepays can be done, but never under the name of particular individuals, but of tittle hotel mercantile enterprises to which the prepay is done.

Our official contact channels are as follows:

WhatsApp Line +52 443 137 8728

Costumer Service E-mail

Telephone Number # 800 5045000 , 443 310 8137 and 1 800 FIESTA 1 (343 78 21)

To avoid falling victim to these kinds of frauds we offer the following recommendations:

  • Type the address of the official website of our hotels:,,,,,,, and
  • Avoid opening e-mails or links of unofficial e-mail accounts. Ignore these.
  • Mistrust links that are shared via WhatsApp, e-mails or social media.

Also take in consideration that, besides hotel reservations through Grupo Posadas, there is also other travel agencies and wholesalers, that offer lodging and reservation services, therefore you should be wary of the authenticity of these and confirm with them the process of identification and suitability of these representative of lodging marketers. We suggest that within doubt, avoid hiring and do not provide information or monetary transfers.

If you suspect you have been victim of a presumptive fraudulent situation, we suggest contacting priorly mentioned contact channels.