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Discover the essence of each destination with Gamma hotels

At Gamma Pachuca there is much to do and discover; you will experience the local essence and history of each destination, as well as its unique cuisine and tradition. 

Start your journey and be sure to visit the Reloj Monumental, a neoclassical tower in the main square, Plaza Independencia and the Ex-Convent of San Francisco. Museo Cuartel del Arte houses a baroque church, an art gallery and the Fototeca Nacional photography library. The Museo de Minería traces the mining history of the region. The Salón de la Fama del Fútbol Internacional, Estadio Hidalgo, Club de Golf Pachuca and the Pachuca industrial zone are all nearby. Include these attractions in your plan and discover the essence of this beautiful destination. 

Aerial view of Real de Monte near Fiesta Inn Hotels
Real del Monte
Close-up of a wooden door craving near Fiesta Inn
Reloj monumental
Close-up of a football on the ground near Fiesta Inn Hotels
Museo del Futbol
Woman water sliding in El Rollo Acapulco near Fiesta Inn Hotels
Close-up of ancient statues in a museum near Gamma Hotels
Zona arqueológica de Tula
Church of Our Lady of Health exterior, Fiesta Inn

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