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Discover the essence of each destination with Gamma hotels

At Gamma Mérida El Castellano there is much to do and discover; you will experience the local essence and history of each destination, as well as its unique cuisine and tradition.

Start your journey and be sure to visit the Catedral de Mérida, Playa Progreso, the magical town of Sisal, the Feria Xmatkuil, the beautiful Paseo Montejo and the historic center. We are also close to the Anfiteatro Romano de Merida and the Templo de Diana. Include these attractions in your plan and discover the essence of this beautiful destination.

The Chichen Itza Pyramid with sky view near IOH Freestyle Hotels
Chichén Itzá
Ancient statues in Mayan culture near IOH Freestyle Hotels
El Gran Museo del Mundo Maya
Exterior of oldest Yucatan Cathedral near IOH Freestyle Hotels
Catedral de Yucatán
Exterior of Uxmal ancient Maya city near IOH Freestyle Hotels
Exterior of Paseo Montejo in Mexico near IOH Freestyle Hotels
Paseo Montejo
The exterior of Case Montejo house near IOH Freestyle Hotels
Casa Montejo
Two baboon monkeys in zoological park in Bueno Aires near Gamma Hotels
Parque Zoológico del centenario
Aerial view of Seven Mile Bridge near Fiesta Americana Travelty
Puerto Progreso
Pink salt lake and the blue sky with clouds, Fiesta Americana
Las coloradas
Diver's in Cenote Tajma Ha Watering hole near Gamma Hotels
Cenote Xlacah
Aerial view of Sisal & a dock near Gamma Hotels
Instrumental music performance in Palacio de La Musica in Madrid, Spain near Gamma Hotels
Palacio de la Música
Exterior view of Casas Gemelas at Gamma Hotels
Casas Gemelas

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