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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Gamma hotels. If you have any additional questions or need help regarding an upcoming accommodation at one of our resorts in México, don't hesitate to contact us.


A maximum of 4 people can enter a room, these can be 2 adults and 2 children under 12 years old or 3 adults and one child under 12 years old. If the reservation system sends you this message, please add more rooms to your reservation and distribute the number of people selected among them. It is important to mention that we have Adults Only category hotels and the maximum occupancy is 3 adults. The minimum age allowed in these hotels is 18 years old.

All rooms that can be booked on our website have the Lowest Rate Guarantee. You can rest easy, because the rate shown on our website is the lowest you can find on the selected dates. If not, we will give you 25%. For more information, see the policies of this guarantee in the section:

Step 1

Verify that the compared rates are for the same room, hotel, dates, number of guests, currency and that they have the same reservation, modification and cancellation policies. The guarantee does not apply when a promotion or package is being compared, they must be public rates and hotel only.

Step 2

In order for your guarantee to apply, it is necessary that you have previously made a reservation on the Posadas website to be able to check and compare the lowest rate found in some other channel. You must copy the images showing the lowest rate found when it has been viewed on another website. Grupo Posadas cannot be responsible for the cancellation or modification policies of other sites, if you make your reservation on another website and your guarantee is not approved, the company will not be responsible for cancellation or refund charges.

Step 3

Once the above points have been completed, send your claim to the email and within 24 hours one of our agents will contact you to follow up on your case.


Remember that you must send it within 24 hours after making and confirming a reservation through a Grupo Posadas website, as long as it is before 48 hours of the scheduled arrival. It does not include reservations that were subject to modification or cancellation.

The guarantee cannot be applied with the service providers known as "Opaque" (those sites that do not show the name of the property until confirmation or payment), such as,, etc.

From the moment your confirmation number is displayed on your screen and sent to you by email, you can rest assured that your reservation is already registered in our system. We suggest you keep your reservation information for your personal control.

In the section ¨Check your reservation¨ you will be able to generate the movements you require, based on the change and cancellation policies that have been granted to you.

Usually it is possible, the page offers you the option to block the room for 24 hours and then finish the process by entering the data of a credit card. In case you do not have one, you can validate with our Reservation Center to take a room with a time limit. This is a period of time that is granted so that you can guarantee your reservation through a deposit or an interbank transfer.

In order for you to take a room in your name, you must be of legal age.

The information you provide us will only be used to guarantee and record your reservation, or to be able to contact you in the event of an unforeseen event. If you choose to receive our newsletter, we will use your data to periodically send you promotions and / or articles of interest by email. You can request to stop receiving this newsletter at any time you want.


Yes, the data provided on our site travels and is stored on our server through a secure or "encrypted" connection. This means that it is inaccessible from the Internet and that no one will be able to intercept the transmitted information.

The card that you enter at the time of making the reservation is as a guarantee and the payment is directly at the hotel.

Due to the law of protection and handling of confidential information, only the charge for penalties is allowed. Any additional charges must be made directly at the hotel or through a deposit.

Credit or debit cards, cash, deposit and interbank transfers.

On some occasions, hotels may pre-authorize your card. However, it is not a charge that has been finalized. When booking through our sales channels, payment is directly at the property.


In the tab called destinations you can check by city which hotels are in this city.

When selecting a specific hotel you can find this information under the photograph of the property, you can also view a map. In the same way, in the location section you can find this information.

When looking for a specific hotel, all the information regarding it will be displayed, there you will find the hotel's telephone and fax number.

Our executives will be able to guide you with any questions you may have about this website, about reservations, information about our hotels and can help you make a reservation.

Check that your Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc.) is not blocking "pop-ups" or pop-up windows. If so, disable this function momentarily in the "Internet Options" part of your Explorer.

On the main page of the portal, click on the Fiesta Rewards tab or enter in your browser , there you will find the necessary information to register, or if you wish you can also call (01 800) 504 5000 where one of our executives will help you complete your registration.

Yes, on the page you will find complete information about our rewards program and the use of your points.

Yes, on the main page at the bottom you will find a list called other sections, at the Agreements point you can access to generate your reservation.


It is not necessary, since the restaurant concept is first-come-first-service. Only in some of our specialty restaurants a reservation is required, however, the Concierge department directly at the hotel can support you with the reservation upon arrival.

Includes room rent, taxes, food, drinks, room service, products in the mini bar and tips. What is not included is: spa, motorized activities, premium food and drinks.

Our hotels only accept guide dogs. Guests must present the documentation that accredits them, and the dogs must be on a leash.

We have two types of agreement:

Corporate Agreement: It is necessary to have a production of 200 room nights per month, spread over at least 10 hotels. The agreement is national for all properties and is carried out through an account executive.

Local Agreement: It is necessary to have a production of 10 rooms per month at the hotel of your choice. An agreement must be negotiated for each hotel where they require preferential rates and all the negotiation is done directly with the hotel's sales area.


To request your invoice you can do it directly at the hotel giving your tax information at the time of check in or pay your consumption. Also, sharing the tax information to the email . It is important to mention that there is a period of 48 hours after your consumption or stay for the preparation and / or correction of your bill.

Due to the updated tax provision, we kindly request you present your proof of current tax status in order to be able to issue the invoice for your stay / consumption as Grupo Posadas and its managed hotels will stamp all Digital Tax Receipts (CFDI) under the 4.0 version beginning June 1st, 2022.

If your payment went directly to the hotel, we can gladly support you with your invoice. For this, we ask you to share the following information with us at .

  • RFC
  • Business name
  • Reservation key or
  • Consumption ticket.
  • Date of lodging or consumption
  • hotel

Yes, it is possible to invoice them within 48 hours after being charged. For this, we ask you to share the following information with us at .

  • RFC
  • Business name
  • Reservation key

Since the hotel issues invoices for the service provided, the invoice can be issued once the guest has left or has made consumption. To invoice you can provide your information directly at the hotel or by sharing the following information to the email .

  • RFC
  • Business name
  • Reservation key or
  • Consumption ticket.


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