1. How many persons as a maximum may be accommodated in a room?
The maximum capacity of a room is 4 persons, either 2 adults and 2 children under the age of 12 or 3 adults and one minor under 12.

2. How many rooms can I book as maximum?
You can book 9 rooms as maximum. If you want to book 10 or more rooms please send a Request for Proposal trough our Groups and Meetings section. To offer you personalized assistance, please dial our Call Center for free at (1 800 504 50001 800 504 5000) or long distance to Mexico City at (01 555) 326 6900(01 555) 326 6900, selecting Option 1 of the menu.

3. If one of the minors is an infant (less than 3 years old), can 2 adults and 3 minors under the age of 12 stay in the room?
Yes, at a triple room rate (with the exception of our Coral Beach Hotel). We would like to remind you, however, that the room only has two full size beds, in the case of the Double Superior and Double Deluxe rooms. If the minor is as old as 3, he/she is no longer considered an infant. For your own comfort, we recommend adding another room to your reservation.

4. Do you have activities for children in your hotels?
We have a program called Fiesta Kids Club for children ages 4 to 12. This program is available all year round at beach hotels, and only on weekends at city hotels.

5. Do you have laundry service?
Yes, all our hotels have an excelent laundry and ironing service.

6. When staying at your hotels, may I take my pet with me?
Owing to our hygiene and security policies, pets are not allowed in our hotels.

7. At what time can I check in?
You will be able to check in after 3 p.m.

8. If I have an event at or near the hotel, can I check in before 3 p.m.?
When you arrive at our hotel, we will check availability. If there are available rooms, you may check in. Otherwise, we can take care of your luggage until you return to the hotel and check in.

9. If I arrive in the early morning, is there anyone to assist me?
For your comfort, the Reception Desk is open 24 hours a day.

10. Can I pay for my room in advance?
Our hotels have bank accounts to receive deposits, in the case of your wanting to pay in advance. However, this service is only available in Mexico. For information on a specific account number, please call (1 800) 504 5000(1 800) 504 5000.

11. When finishing the booking process, do you automatically make the charge to the credit card number that I gave to guarantee my reservation?
No, we only make charges when one of the change or cancellation fees mentioned in our policies applies.

12. If I do not have Internet access and need to change or cancel my reservation, is there a phone number I can dial for assistance?
Yes, you can call our toll-free number (1 800) 504 5000(1 800) 504 5000, or long distance to Mexico City (01 555) 326 6900(01 555) 326 6900.

13. Are web rates the same as those of the Call Center?
The rates shown on our web pages are the same as the Call Center's. You can be sure that you are receiving the best rate for the selected date. If not, we will give you an additional 25% discount. For further information, please see the policies of this guarantee.

14. If I found a lower rate, how can I send a claim?
We have a section where you will be able to send you complaint; just click the Best Rate banner. In this section, you will also find the Terms and Conditions to make this guarantee valid.

15. If I already sent my best rate claim, how can I check its status?Once you send your claim, one of our representatives will contact you within the next 24 hours. If you do not receive a confirmation from the Customer Service Department within this time, please send an e-mail to to check the status of your claim.

16. Do I get a better rate if I am a Fiesta Rewards member? The benefits of our program focus on accumulating points and always receiving better treatment. The rate given to Fiesta Rewards members is always the best available rate (BAR).

17. When searching for a hotel, I get two or three different results. How can I know what the better option is?
All our hotels follow our service standards, making of all of them a good choice. Your best option will depend on your specific needs. When choosing a hotel on our website, you will find all the related information.

18. Will I receive a confirmation of my reservation?
Once your confirmation is displayed on your screen, in no more than 5 minutes you will receive a confirmation at the e-mail address that you registered during the process. It will include cancellation policies.

19. My travel plans have changed. Can I modify my reservation on line?
In the section called "My Reservations", select "Quick access to edit or cancel a reservation" where you will be able to make changes or cancel your reservation based on our Cancellation & Change Policies. If you are a registered user, you may also do this by clicking the section of "My Reservations", where all your reservations will be displayed. If the reservation was made through our Call Center, please dial their number and a representative will be pleased to help you cancel your reservation.

20. If I cancel a reservation, do I have to pay any charges?
Once you complete your reservation process, you will receive an e-mail with the cancellation policies in which you can find all the related information on this subject.

21. Can I book on line with my negotiated rate?
We have a web page created specially for negotiated rates,

22. Can I book groups on-line?
To send a Request for Proposal please enter to the Groups and Meetings section. To offer you personalized assistance, please dial our Call Center for free at (1 800 504 50001 800 504 5000) or long distance to Mexico City at (01 555) 326 6900(01 555) 326 6900, selecting Option 1 of the menu.

23. Can I make my reservation through Live Assistance?
For your own security, we suggest to book yourself, If you want it, our executives will be glad to help you during the process.

24. Can I book all included on-line?
At this moment, the hotels that we manage under the all included concept are: Live Aqua Cancun All Inclusive, Fiesta Americana Condesa Cancun All Inclusive, Fiesta Americana Cozumel All Inclusive, The Explorean Kohunlich and The Explorean Cozumel All Inclusive. This would apply to the remaining hotels only in promotions. However, for our clients from the US and Canada, through our Call Center they may pay an additional charge for any of our resorts to apply all included.

25. Are the cancellation policies shown on the Internet the same as the Call Center's?
All our Call Center information is the same as that of our web pages.

26. Do all the hotels have Internet access?
Most of our hotels have in-room Internet access. We also have equipped business centers with Internet access, with the exception of FA Puerto Vallarta and The Explorean. You can verify this information when searching for a specific hotel at our web sites, since all the information related to this unit will be displayed.

27. If I book on-line, who can give me the hotel's location?
For your convenience, all required information is shown on our web pages. However, should you have any other questions, one of our representatives will be glad to help you through Live Assistance; or, if you prefer, you may dial our Call Center.

28. Can I book with my Vacation Club Certificate on-line?
For the time being, Vacation Club Certificates can be only used through our Call Center. Please call toll free number (01 877) 767 3282(01 877) 767 3282 from the U.S.A. & Canada or (01 555) 326 6900(01 555) 326 6900 long distance to Mexico City. The rest of the world please dial (407) 5 21 31 81.

29. If I book through an intermediary, can the hotel give me my bill?
No, Posadas should bill the intermediary. We suggest you to ask for your bill directly where you made your reservation.