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Travel with Confidence

At Posadas we always look for the best for you and we offer you the safety, hygiene and flexibility to travel and stay with us again. We are ready to receive you.

Our priority is you and our collaborators at all times, for that reason we have prepared "Travel with Confidence": safety, hygiene and flexibility to travel and stay with us again.

The program was developed following the guidelines of the Government of México, the Secretary of Health, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States, the World Health Organization and the World Tourism Organization.

With the collaboration of 3M Commercial Division of Cleaning and Disinfection Products, the use of disinfection products, bactericides, viricides and fungicides for hospital use registered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was determined. with the registration numbers 6836-78-10350 and 10350-WI-001, which will be applied in different areas of our hotels.

We are ready to welcome you with actions, cleaning plans and official health recommendations. We want to continue offering you the best travel experiences, that is why we invite you to continue traveling with the confidence of always. We are ready to receive you.

ABC Medical Center, our ally in health safety

A leader for more than 130 years in medical best practices, the ABC Medical Center, an institution dedicated to the health care of its patients, has advised POSADAS in the application of prevention, hygiene and disinfection protocols, which guarantee the safety of collaborators and guests.

Download here to learn more about "Travel with Confidence, security, hygiene and flexibility to return to travel and stay with us".


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